Shawn Smith has lost over 65 pounds!

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Shawn Smith has lost over 65 pounds!

Shawn has been a member of the Combine a little less than two years. In that time at The Combine he has not only made remarkable gains in his fitness but also in his weight loss journey.

How did you hear about The Combine?

I heard about the The Combine from my boss, and fellow member, Mike Marks. I was working towards making some personal health changes on my own and he hounded me to come to a class with him and I am glad he did.

 When did you get started with us?

I started the end of May of 2017.
Was there any specific reason or set of goals that prompted you to start working out with us?
At first, I started because of peer pressure from Mike, and I am forever grateful to him for that. Once I started I just wanted to make progress and improve my overall health. I was pushing 280 lbs. so it was not a healthy situation for me. My goal was to commit to coming to class consistently, making some changes in diet, and I can now say that I am 215 lbs. 
What is your exercise history or athletic background?
I grew up in Florida playing many different sports. Basketball, soccer, golf, baseball. I played baseball in college and always thought I was a pretty good athlete until being humbled by CrossFit.
Have you reached any personal goals since working out with us? Any new goals?
My initial goal was to get to the point of 3 workouts per week and increase my intensity. Now I want to work on some specific accomplishments. I really want to increase my mobility to help with some of the lifts we do, and I want to do a better job of planning and executing my diet.
What do you like most about the group CrossFit classes?
I like the support that each person gives the next. I was extremely intimidated by CrossFit and humbled by many of the workouts but even though everyone has different skill, they support and encourage one another to grow and get better. I learn from other athletes as well as the coaches. I get inspired by seeing how hard those around me are working toward whatever goal they may have. I like being able to attend classes at different days and times to workout with diffent people occasionally.
Have you had any “ah ha” moments in CrossFit?  What are some of your favorite styles of workouts or exercises?
There are no limits to your growth in CrossFit, you can challenge yourself each and every time you go to class. I feel we get so much more accomplished in the hour we spend there than any other activity.
Please elaborate on anything else you might find noteworthy about your time spent here at The Combine. And/or a fun fact or something we might not know about you (e.g. Favorite restaurant, cheat meal, hobbies….etc.)
I would say that one of my favorite things about CrossFit is that it helps in so many other areas of life and that it can be done by anyone, male and female, at any age, young and old. I really love to travel and it is nice to be able to go to a CrossFit facility and be able to participate in the workouts. I grew up in Florida, were my family still lives, so I spend a lot of time there enjoying the outdoors, golfing, fishing etc.. Thank you to all the coaches and members that teach and inspire me to grow and improve.

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