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James & Megan Morgan

“James and Megan joined us four years ago and have been the epitome of what CrossFit in our community is all about. They come to class every day with positive energy, always ready to work hard, compete with their classmates, and one another – and above all having fun doing it! Over this time they have made remarkable progress with every facet with Crossfit – their lifting, mobility, endurance and gymnastics skills. Megan especially in her strength and commitment to getting stronger and challenging herself with skills. Over the last 2 years she has challenged herself by putting a little extra weight on the bar and taking a chance with certain skills which have elicited some pretty badass results. She’s always had great endurance and aerobic workouts. It seems like every class she sets a new personal record whether it be on her Olympic lifts or powerlifts. And she’s even done some of the hero workouts as prescribed. So it’s cool to see the pride that she’s takes in doing that.

It seems like they come to every Community event, happy hours, competitions and they even help judge local competitions. One of the coolest things to see working with so many couples at our gym is the friendly competition they have with one another. Whoever wins the workout is going to have to take the dog out the next morning or do more laundry. So it’s cool to see the camaraderie between the two of them” – Coach Robert. 

How did you discover The Combine [CSC] CrossFit? And how long have you been a member?

We moved to the Bee Cave/Dripping Springs area 4 years ago from east central Austin and our coach there highly recommend that we check out CSC. It was love at first burpee. Ha.

Why did you start CrossFit? 

I had no idea what CrossFit was until I was on the elliptical at the gym and saw the CrossFit Games on the tv and realized that I wasn’t working nearly hard enough:) After at least 6 months of nervously procrastinating, I started classes and was immediately hooked and James came along for the ride!

What has CrossFit at The Combine done for you personally, emotionally, health wise, physically……?

I’ve become more confident both mentally and physically. James gave up most of his vices and is now giving Jean-Claude Van Damme a run for his money….1990s version that is. Seriously though CrossFit has become an integral part of our daily lives.

Who/What inspires/motivates you or why do you workout?

Megan – I love being strong enough to do a lot of things that I had to ask for help with in the past on my own-simple things like lifting the dogs into the car.

James – I work out so I can drink and eat pretty much whatever I want.

What goals have you set and reached (in or outside of CrossFit) since you started at The Combine? Any future goals?

James – I’ve reached every goal that I or anyone else has ever set….I’m pretty much Mat Fraser’s clone.

What are your favorite CrossFit workouts or exercises/movements? 

Megan – I LOVE deadlifts.

James – Anything besides deadlifts. I honestly really like Snatches.  

When you are not working out, how do you spend your free time?

Right now, we are staying pretty busy chasing after our lab puppy Remington (aka Mr. Poopers III). James loves to go hunting as much as possible and Megan really enjoys having the house to herself when he is gone. LOL.

Who’s won the most workouts? Megan or James? Just kidding, but really what do you like about working out with each other?

Megan of course! All joking aside, working out together keeps us on the same page and provides us with time to be together doing something positive away from work and the house.

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